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November 24, 2015 at 8:47 pm #1577

Caris smiles to herself as she pulls her hood up over her golden hair and readies herself to head down the hill to Oldhome. It’s been quite a night and it feels more like a dream where she’s snoring blissfully on a distant couch somewhere. Coming face to face with one’s own Goddess is an experience so profound that it’s going to take her some time to process it all.

She was only briefly alarmed when the unicorn seemed offended that Hroth suggested she ride her in triumph. It was almost as if her connection was so strong she could hear the thoughts of the unicorn before she even spoke them. In her presence, all of nature was magnified to Caris’s senses that she could detect every blade of grass rejoicing and bowing to the goddess, the birds singing her praise, the trees vibrating down to their roots in rejoice! The hum and the vibration from all of nature was like a song entwined with the cheers and adoration from the people around her.

As if she were weightless, she mounted the unicorn. She could feel the soft mercury of her mane as she grasped it in her small hands. The power and goodness radiating from the unicorn seemed to envelope her and her fellow passenger as they rose into the air. They clung to each other and their mount as the unicorn flew over the valleys and hills destroying evil with her light. As the wind blew in Caris’s face and she observed all of this from her vantage point, hanging on for dear life as the unicorn swooped and darted into the darkness, making all wrongs right… She also noticed the Lord close behind her. What this must mean for him after so many years of chaos and sorrow! There was no speaking between them as the event they were both experiencing left them without words. Yet, there was a bonding. The land was being restored, and Caris and her friends had helped to make this happen. She couldn’t help but notice his reservation at being so close, yet overwhelming joy at what was transpiring below him. His land and people were restored!

The cleansing seemed to go on for hours, yet as the unicorn came back to earth to let them dismount to join their comrades, reality began creep it’s way back in as her boots touched the ground. Caris looked into the eyes of the unicorn and said,

“Thank you, sweet Goddess for letting us share in this most magnificent triumph. That we could help bring this land and people back to it’s rightful place is an honor that I will never forget! I only wish we could have helped sooner…”

The unicorn bowed to Caris not breaking eye contact and took off in a blaze of white light. The two quietly came up the hill, not knowing what to say to each other as they made their way to the campfire glow. The Lord held her elbow as they made their way across the terrain.

The sight of Hroth, Stern, Grey and Grognak huddled around the fire warmed her heart. She ran up and kissed each one of them, her face glowing as she reunited with each one of them.

“Well… THAT was quite a ride!”