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November 24, 2015 at 9:05 am #1560

The Lord, looking handsome and noble despite his rugged appearance, bows to Caris and extends his hand to help her up. His bow is already on his back, his spear at his side in one hand.She is strikingly beautiful, the pine needles clinging to her hair only making her more so


The Lord manages as he pulls her up to her feet before him. He seems taken, as you all are by her, lost for a moment as a blushing smile begins to creep across his features, before turning on his heels in an awkward manner and pulling his hood up over his head to avoid gawking at the divine beauty that is Caris Ambrodel.

“Pull up your hoods, and lets see if we can creep away from this camp without notice”

The lord leads the way, down the hillside as the golden rays of dawn fill the canopies of the massive trees of Oldhome with bright light and dramatic shadow. You first hear the river, then you stumble across a narrow, neatly manicured stone walkway that winds along its bank. Just around the bend, less then a half mile away will be the Shrine, not yet in view. It’s quiet, but not in a strange way, just peaceful and surreal, like walking through a dreamscape. The body of a dead orc floats down river, a reminder of last nights grim toll.

“Last night at some point I ordered Oldbow to come back here with some men, Hopefully he found his way”