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November 10, 2015 at 1:35 pm #1554

The unicorn regards Hrothgar with fierce blue eyes the shade of glacial ice. All is quiet among those on the hill and even the roar of the retreating horde seems to fade to the background, as if shying away from disturbing the Unicorns focus.

The the Unicorn rises up on hind legs and lets out another furious, valley spanning wail/roar. All of you jump at the outburst, and below, beneath the echo of the unicorns hill top call, you can hear a collective moan of terror rise up in answer from the fearful horde as they claw, shove, and even kill to get past one another and escape into the trees.

The unicorn comes down on all fours and takes a step towards Hroth. A smile seems to spread across her noble features, and mirth dances in the crystal blue of her eyes

“Got you”

She whispers, and as the unicorn laughs in her mind a wave of undeniable humor sweeps all those near by, an undeniable contagion of happy mood that washes from the white majestic spirit.


The unicorn calls the lord of Shen Ling by his first name, like a stern mother to a child, and with a start he gets to his feet.


She finishes the two names as she performs a noble and graceful bow towards the the two and all of you.

“Get on my back you two! All of you with the will to follow, come along with us! There shall never be another night like this, never a night when we will have the chance to send so many wicked souls back to hell! Ride with me! Ride with Lord Quan! Ride with the Caris! Ride with the ancestors and with your hero brothers and sisters! Remind them why they fear the light!”

The Collected riders behind let out a roar of laughter and approval. Oldbow, lets himself cry, tears flowing freely from his eyes at the sight of his lord, his goddess, and his brethren all before him on the edge of victory, he turns his tear streaming face north and draws an arrow, taking careful aim at the tall silhouette of a distant retreating mountain troll, letting his arrows speak for him. Caris and Daidoji mount the unicorn spirit, and look unusually splendid and fitting there. Despite the fact there is no saddle, and despite the fact neither know each other. The Unicorn lowers her head with steadfast determination, allowing one last smile at Hroth and Grey as she picks up speed. Her momentum builds slow and steady as she moves over to the edge of the hill and begins down towards the panicked horde. A thousand pairs of eyes glow red through the darkness as they look back in terror, as the light of the unicorn crests and spills down the north slope of the hill towards them. As she paws the ground making ready to charge, she says one last thing to Caris and Daidoji

“Hold on for your life!”