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November 10, 2015 at 11:58 am #1551

The Unicorn Paces and shakes her noble head, then speaks in a voice that is soft and strong in your minds and seems to carry on the wind, even though it is only really heard in the minds of those around.

“You two speak as if because I am like a horse I am a thing meant to be ridden..”

There is an offended tinge in her voice, as if it is a horrible offense to suggest one should ride a unicorn.

The riders behind her finally catch up, coming most of the way up the hill. They’re silent now, tired, dirty, and bloodied from battle, and silent in awe, but ear to ear smiles of relief and victory are plastered across their faces. There are 14 in all, but you only recognize Sheal, Sharn, and Shanzee among them.

She speaks again in the minds of those around, a spirited imperiousness in her tone this time, and louder than before.

“Am I like a horse to you? I will drive evil from this land and tirelessly defend it! Am I like one of those horses those heroes behind me ride!? ”

There is scorn in her voice. She is then silent, and so is everyone else. The Hordes of Grimeye wail and drum and shout below, continuing their panicked, stumbling route, as the awkwardness of an offended Unicorn/force of divine justice hangs in the air unanswered