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November 10, 2015 at 11:02 am #1550

Hrothgard, with a new-found respect and admiration for the Spirits and Gods of these lands, also takes to a respectful knee before the Great Unicorn Spirit, looking to her with awe-filled eyes and remaining quiet in contemplation as Grey speaks. When Grey finishes, and takes his seat Hrothgard rises, clasping hands with Grey and offering him a respectful nod of approval.

“You as well, my friend” Grey says to Hrothgard with a crooked smile, knowing Hroth well enough to know that his eyes, his body language, his grasp… everything about him said to Grey “Thank you, friend. As always, you fought well, and it was an honor to do so beside you.” Though Hrothgard never had the chance to actually vocalize the words themselves he smiles and nods to Grey who read him perfectly. “Now, leave me be…” Grey smiles and waves his hand, shooing Hrothgard away. The mighty warrior laughs as he turns and makes his way to Stern, Grognak, and Caris, offering them all hugs and saying to them all what he meant to say to Grey as well.

“This was a well-earned victory.” He says, then turns to Caris. “I agree with Grey. Saddle up. Let all in these lands see you with her. You’ve earned that… as have the people.” He gives her a friendly kiss and finds himself a tree to also lean against and clean himself off, wiping blood from his face. He pulls his flask and takes a long drink from it as he cleans his armor and weapons.

His eyes meet Shanzee’s and he smiles and nods to her, welcoming her over if she wishes… (( assuming Shanzee is my hot Monk chick. If not, then just ignore this last paragraph altogether! 🙂 ))