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In the aftermath of the glorious spirits entrance, Grey drops his gaze from the now empty sky, Grimeye’s demonic doppelganger vanished with the coming of the Guardian spirit, he gazes down at the nondescript katana in his gauntleted fist. So basic a weapon but full of meaning to others, not to him. The black blood on the blade of more import than the aged weapon of a fallen hero.
Hugging his left arm across his broken ribs, a farewell present from the bastard mountain troll, Grey glides over to stand behind the Lord of shin Ling. With a deft flick of his wrist grey sends that katana spearing point first into the earth between the unicorn and the kneeling warrior.

“Daidoji, you and your kin, have been avenged, again. You do not know how blessed you truly are to know such a feeling.”

True good will mingled with a deep bitterness enfuse Grey’s words, the dichotomy that is the Lord of Threnody manor.

” Though given the nature of his demise, I think it would be wise to prepare to face him again. Maybe not now or even soon but someday…..”

Grey let’s his ominous words trail off, bringing his steely gaze up to regard the bright spirit before him.

“It is has been proven that some beings just do not stay dead or defeated. As was in terrible evidence at the howling winds monastery.”
He pauses to look around,
” thus do I council you to stabilize your kingdom as swiftly as you can, this we can help with if you wish. Then turn everything at your disposal to discovering the way to permanently vanquish Grimeye and his Ketsu cohorts, this we will gladly help you with.”

Slowly Grey backs away to a point furthest from the Spirit to lean achingly against the smoking remnants of a blackened tree. With a weary smile bright in the night he waves his free hand at Caris and Daidoji, and says his voice bright humorous at first then raging into the roar of a crusader.

“Now you two, mount up! Let the lingering hordes see the reborn un scathed golden lady and the victorious Lord of Shin Ling charge across the kingdom atop the most glorious guardian spirit. Bring light and hope to the goodly and death and damnation to the wicked!!.”
To the group his voice falling back to a neat whisper
“the rest of you, go run and play if you wish. Satisfy your thirst while you have the opportunity.”

Grey settles heavily down to sit on the scorched earth under the wreckage of the tree.
“I for one am going to sit right here and rest until dawn, before heading back to Old home and the promise of proper accommodations.”