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March 1, 2015 at 5:42 pm #1383

There’s a long pause, then a man, the housemaster (butler) opens the door, looking tired and miserable, but you look right past him at the beauty standing on the old staircase about 20ft. behind him. Her jaw drops a little as she sees you Stern, and she stares into your eyes like a deer caught in the aim of a hunter, shes’ probably 20 years at most. A green dress, a flute held in her delicate hands.

(Like this but not showing so much skin)

“Meela! Get up stairs and finish with the curtains”
(Like this but all in black)

The voice comes from a 3rd figure, a regal, tough looking woman in her early forties. Thin, solid, she is old but not at all frail, and has a menacing presence, like an imperious queen, only intensified by the elaborate black dress and veil she wears. The Veil covers half of her stern features.

“Meela!” She sternly shouts as she gracefully walks between the girl and the butler,out into the entry parlor, not even looking at you yet, her eyes locked on the girl as she points back upstairs. The girl backs up slowly, still looking at you stern, then seeming to remember her manners, bows slightly before shyly turning and running up the stairs in almost girlish embarrassment.

What on earth are you….the older woman is saying as she turns to face the door and sees Stern’s massive frame towering over the butler.

Her expression does not move from icy calm, tinged with annoyance, but she does raise an eyebrow, folding her arms, and regarding you Stern, as an impetuous queen might regard a failed knight.

“Please sir, state your business here at Mensheng House…” The butler manages before she interrupts him

“A little early are we not? tell me what horrid news could not wait until after breakfast…we are already a house in mourning, now you would render us a house without the morning time to itself!?…just…what is it.”

This must be Leia Mensheng.

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