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You enter through the gates of Redtown. Redtown is the highest part of town, and so is currently lost in the same low cloud that hangs over the city. You all look meaningful at each other as you step into the fog, but this mist is damp and cool, it smells of recent rain, crisp mountain air, and the sweet, subtle incense the people of Fanlu like to burn on their front porches in the morning.

The gate into Redtown is wide open, it’s still early, people are very focused, setting up their shops, or still getting ready for the day.
The Gate into Redtown

It does not take long at all to reach the front door of The Mensheng Mansion. It is a fine house, but not at all huge. There’s a side yard, the one that housed the statue you slept by, and you can tell there’s a much larger piece of land fenced in out back. There are signs of wear and disrepair as well. The paint on the front door is starting to peel, one of the large front steps is sagging and half rotted, needing to be replaced, and the potted plants on either side of the door are overgrown and wild. The Front door looks something like this. PS, these pictures would have been cool to use when you guys were ethereal. Don’t ya hate it when you think of something cool after the fact?!

What do you do???

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