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February 28, 2015 at 9:48 am #1365

Stern, you say your piece to Meela, who is actually walking silently beside you. You can see her fading away. She listens, and is just the vaguest ghostly outline as she begins to speak, but her voice can’t pass through the boundary between ethereal and where you’re going. She realizes you’re not hearing a word she’s saying, smiles, bows, and winks at you Stern.

You leave the grey behind and step into a world of morning colors and sunlit warmth. Down the twisting foot path, through the bright green park of standing stones and neatly pruned cherry trees, back to Tradeway and north to reach Red Town. To your right, a small orchard of peach trees runs right up to the road. To your left, the hillside of standing stones, and the Sleeping Mountain towering above you, it’s lower heights bathed in orange morning sun, it’s upper half lost in low hanging clouds. Founders Watch is in view, it’s red flags look as on fire from that bright sunlight. From this angle you can make out just the backs of the heads of most of the founders, looking off almost in the opposite direction you’re heading. Rounding a bend, you see the work crew on the side of the road. They are lined up like soldiers, their forman dressing them down. Their shovels are held almost like muskets and they stand at attention, except you one who is stooping over an impromtue fire in the shadow of a tree, nervously looking at the sky and apparently brewing a fresh pot. The Foreman sees you coming, and bows long and low in your direction, you realize they’re all arrayed like this, and have stopped their work to honor you.

DM SAYS: Chance to interact with these folks. You don’t have to. You have till about 11 and then I move on.