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February 22, 2015 at 9:10 pm #1289

Nodding in silent thanks, Grey reaches up with one hand and pats Sterns wide gauntleted hand with his own, slim gauntleted hand. The dull steel on steel echoing weirdly in the ether, his next words carrying back to the group, though spoken just above a whisper.

“Thank you my Brother. You know I have avoided coming here for a variety of reasons, i was overwhelmed for a moment. I have lost a family”,

Grey smiles widely over at Stern and looks back towards the group,

“But i have gained a new one”.

Gesturing for the group to catch up Grey calls back louder,

“Come on guys, lets move. We have a date with the greatest spirit in Yun Shan. If you have any questions about the Statues and the Founders, simply ask. But do so whilst we move onward.”