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February 22, 2015 at 2:54 pm #1242

Grey breaks away from the group striding swiftly to the middle of the semi circle of Fan Lu’s greatest heroes,his family. Pulling off his hat.
Silently, he reaches out in turn to each of the statues. Gently touching a detail or two on each of the magnificent sculptures, murmuring to himself. Lingering noticeably less on some like His Uncle Rythin and Evon, Longer on others. Like is Father and Older Brother, finishing on his knees head bowed before his Mothers serene statue. Even through the gray distance the heaving movement of his shoulders is visible, his hair falling forward just enough to occlude his pale face, and the tears upon it.

Before too long he stands obviously shaky, face turned away form the group. He pulls his hat back on slowly dipped down to cover his eyes, he bows to the august assembly of mystical statues and walks slowly through them and to the trail beyond. His back turned to the group, waiting…

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