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February 16, 2015 at 12:12 pm #1161

Magic, favors, gold…not so different.

She speaks as you climb the trail up to Founders watch, a short jaunt, drop on one side, shadowy stone wall on the other. The trail winds along a short stretch of the Sleeping Mountains lower base, plunging up and down in short stretches at it winds. About every 30ft along the path a life sized statue stands, in a natural rock alcove, or on a spur that juts from the trail and hangs over the valley below. You’re still not very high up at all, but you feel high up.

Creatures from the underworld will trade in just about anything..but they love gold, because just having it keeps it out of the hands of mortals. Gold, silver, copper, it’s the pure metals, they are worth more to the underworld than they are even in the kingdoms you come from, where they are used to make coins.

This place is like neutral ground sort of…The spirits of nature are allowed to travel here, and ancestors too, so long as they are properly invited. Some underworld spirits, like the wretches, and the Grey Guides, they have license to use this place too. Not all underworld spirits are evil, the wretches are, the Grey Guides usually are not. Some underworlders are just outcasts, not evil, just not good enough for the heavens.

Usually ancestors, and even underworlders on this side, can be reasoned with. There are other things though, strange beasts that seem born to this place, and restless spirits too, they are the real dangers here.