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February 16, 2015 at 11:21 am #1159

Meela answers by nodding to Grog and Stern, and then walking on, in a moment she speaks

Just a caravan, not so different from what it might be on your side. That creature in the lead, the one who holds the chain, he was what they call a Grey Guide.

A little ways longer and she breaks off from the road heading out into the park like boulder field that sprawls along Fanlu’s south side, between Tradeway and the Sleeping Mountain. She moves around the boulders as if they are solid, not phasing through them. She continues as you go along.

This side would be an excellent place to travel, no walls, very little of anything at all in some places, if not for certain things. With the mists, no moon, no stars, no sun, no way to view things in context, it’s very easy to get lost, even if you do know the roads. Those Grey Guides know the ways. Anyone who can pay them can travel here safely, no one on this side messes with the Grey Guides and their charges. They are allowed to be here, you are not…he didn’t give us any trouble, perhaps, despite your current situation, you are lucky.

A bit of color comes into view, it’s as if the grass is taking on a dull green, the some of the rocks a muted brown, and the blossoms of a wild cherry tree ahead are allowed some of their pink hue. Then you see Red ahead, the red of flags, this is a place you’ve been before. A place you passed by weeks ago when you first went up to pay your respects to Fang Quiang. You realize you are all seeing much further than you could before. There is a trail that leads up the side of Old Black Strip, and near its base, a flat ledge large enough for a home, but left as a place to honor those who founded Fanlu. Grey statues dot the path, and stand in a line upon that rock ledge.

Founder's Watch

Founders Watch, we’re very close now