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February 13, 2015 at 4:19 pm #1151

A tall humanoid form, a massive pole ax in one hand, wielded presently like a walking staff, slowly approaches from out of the mist ahead, at about 60ft away you see him clearly, and get the impression there are other shapes behind him obscured in the mists, then you hear the creak of stiff leather, the rattle of gear confirming that impression

“Good day Lady”
He makes a quick, practiced observation of your group, bows just a little, then focuses on Meela, addressing her as the leader

Meela speaks with level authority, but there is a nervous edge in her voice

“We gladly yield the road to you and your charge, route finder, we wish no trouble”
With this she bows, not a deep respectful bow, but a courteous one of acknowledgement, then glaces back at you all as if to relay things are under control.”

“Who would want to make trouble with all those mortal heroes….all that fine steel, strong muscle, proud sinew and defiant bone…I see no need to stain these grey lands red today, and you needn’t leave the road, this is about where we head down anyways lady”

A tall potbellied figure comes forward from behind the ax wielder. He is nearly 8 ft tall, and rotund, an impressive bestial form, yet he moves with a submissive, nervous, cowed nature. His greasy eyes dart across your group as he slinks up beside the axe wielder

“Is…is there trouble Tutsu?”

“Oh I don’t think the lady and her friends are looking for any more trouble than they’re already in friend, time to go down”

The axe wielder produces a heavy looking coil of shimmering black chain from beneath his cloak, a coil no normal being could so easily carry. Grasping one end in his off hand, he hands the rest of the coiled chain, it must be dozens of feet long and very heavy, to the 2nd figure, who struggles a bit with the weight and looks annoyed at having to take it.

“Roll it out and hook them all up merchant” He speaks the axe wielder firmly.

The other figure struggles with the chain, letting it un-spool loop by loop as he walks back out of view into the mists behind, not before giving one last nervous, critical look at your party.

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