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February 13, 2015 at 3:38 pm #1146

You all reach the small gate house that leads out of RedTown. From here founders way leaves Redtown and joins with Tradeway, which is like the main east west road though town. Redtown is high up on the hill side that is the west 1/2 of Fanlu, and looks east over the rest of Fanlu and th e lake beyond. It is a bit like a town within a town, surrounded by it’s own low wall, and separated from the rest of town by orchards, small parks, and expanses of almost rural land. The result is, you feel more like your leaving a town then moving to another part of town.

It’s not long traveling down the misty road that Meela motions for you to stop. To the left of the road, a group of shadowy workers is clearing a ditch, probably blocked up by debris from recent rains. Beyond them, a shadowy orchard. To the right, a normally green park on a hill side, where hundreds of large boulders stand like shadowy watchers…you contemplate Meela’s words from the night before, wondering if Fang Quiang might be watching unseen from one of those rocks.

“Be still, make no sudden movements, something is coming”