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February 13, 2015 at 2:31 pm #1141

With a smile she bows you all and wishes you a good night, then steps backwards through the wall behind her and into the small manor you are camped outside of.

That strange night, you all sleep very well, it has to be something magical about the garden or statue. You all have very interesting dreams as well, which will be delivered to each of you via email.

Dawn comes, only slightly less grey than the night. You wake and eat a quick simple meal of rations. Within all of you is a renewed sense of purpose and anticipation, that makes the meal even shorter. Most of you take a bite of or two of dried meat, and you feel done, ready to go. Some of you long for a beer, or something to take the edge off. You feel well rested, safe, but more than ready to move on.

Meela drifts gracefully into the garden.

“it’s time”

Through the wall and out onto Founders Way you go. You start for a moment at the shadowy human forms moving about, thinking of the Wretches you saw last night, but they are just the shadows of harmless commoners, shop owners opening up, couriers delivering messages, people starting their days on the other side. Meela leads the way at the pace of a swift walk. Curiously, she makes it a point not to walk though any of the shadows of people you all pass

Here I will pause for an hour to let any of you pipe in if you wish before I continue.