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February 13, 2015 at 12:13 pm #1138

It is subtle, but not hard to detect once you get used to it. The mists seem a little darker, the wards on the other side seem to glow a little brighter. Let’s hope you don’t have the time to gt used to any of this.

It’s good he knows of you. If he’s bothered to show himself that’s huge, especially if it wasn’t out of anger. I can tell you a few things about dealing with nature spirits. Here’s a tip, spirits mostly avoid mortals or just watch them from this side. They never show themselves to mortals unless there’s a reason. If they don’t just right out attack they might want to help, but spirits are picky about helping,they want to be asked, and they want the asking mortals to make a case. Even if they want to help you, they get impatient and hold back their help if the mortals don’t just get to the point and make a good case of why they deserve help. Spirits just want to hear you make your case, lay your cards on the table, be straight up and bold, yet humble….they want to see it as obvious that you know they are doing you a big favor. Spirits have a lot of pride and follow traditions, and that’s just theirs. Sometimes, you even have to grovel, but most of the time you can get a lot just by giving the spirits what they want. respect, thanks, a little praise to stoke their ego. It’s just like dealing with nobles really. They are the kings of their domains, and they feel constantly encroached upon by the gods above and mortals below…If they’re not mad as hell, in which case the best option is to run or fight, than they just want to be treated like royal benefactors.

If you have no reason to think The mountain is angry with you, than that’s how you should approach him. Also, as for stating your case, be ready to tell him some good you’ve done for his realm, and maybe some good you plan on doing…like the help you’re doing for my family, but don’t make him ask. Tell him, state your case. Remember, he’s doing you a favor, and you have know idea how to appreciate or know what it’s costing him if he does. Always assume you are asking for much, and you will come across as the proper kind of humble.

Another thing on that note, spirits live forever. This is there home, and you are all temporary guests just passing though. Even if you’re native to these lands, you are born into them, you live, and then you pass out of them like me. You may only get one chance to ask a spirit for help, so don’t blow it, or you’re out of luck. They are extremely patient with almost everything except for mortals, whom they don’t waste a lot of time on if they don’t think it’s worth it.

Am I making sense here?