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February 13, 2015 at 10:57 am #1133

It’s best not to travel at night, that’s when spirits of the underworld are out and about. You’ll be safe here, and I require no sleep, so I can make sure of that.

I have no idea if you know Fanlu, if you did, you could just follow the roads up to the mountain, but if not, I could lead you straight there…we learn to feel our way through the mists, to reach the places we have in mind. This plan is the greatest advice I can give without knowing more. You know of Fang Quiang, so, does he know of you? Does he owe you any favors? Have some reason to like you? Spirits don’t appreciate strangrs asking them for big favors, they’re just like people in that respect, yet, sometimes they’re happy to help if they know you.