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February 12, 2015 at 6:52 pm #1132

Meela’s spirit aloofness and mystery seems to fade away as a very human expression washes over her face with a heartening smile..releif, gratefulness, hope.

I would be so grateful for that…She lives here, in this small manor house in Redtown. Her name is Leia Mensheng, but most would call her lady Mensheng. The manor is ringed my magical sigils. Some are hidden in the walls, but two that were visible, the one that should be hanging over the front door, and another at the back of the manor above the gate that leads into the vegetable garden. I can only think they must have been stolen not long ago. She is rich in things, but poor in fluid funds if you understand. She is rather attached to her things too, too much so to sell anything even though she should. Evon would help her with funds, but she hates him and is too proud to ask. She partially blames him for my death. She would rather prey and put her faith in the spirits, but in the end, it is the job of mortals to manage their affairs, we can only help so much… If you could somehow convince her to take action, or find out where those symbols went well, listen, in the morning, I could lead you through the mists to the mountain, I can feel my way there. I’d have to come right back, but it might save you some time…I’m not sure what else I could offer but my eternal…She catches herself and smiles embarrassed at the literal pun shes almost made…she pauses to recompose the statementI would be very grateful