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February 9, 2015 at 11:13 pm #1089

With, purpose, but cautiously, you creep through the grey town. The shadows of people on the other side drift by from time to time, giving you pause. when they come close, you feel a tingle of life and the hairs on your neck raise…you wonder if they feel the same from you. There is no sun to be seen, nothing to navigate by except the twisting streets, and not all of them have a name plate on every corner. It is only by the grace of Grey, basically taking 10 on knowledge local checks, that you find your way. He is convinced you are somewhere in southern Redtown. He leads you west first, snaking down narrow alleys, walking through the shadowy stone of garden walls and cutting through peoples side yards and gardens. The soft metallic glow of watchskulls hung over back doors and on the eves of porches lights your ways as the already grey sky seems to darken. Your travel must be slow and methodical, or else risk getting lost.

Then at last you emerge from a side alley onto a broad lane. A shadowy horse and rider on the other side gallops by in strange silence, almost making you jump. Now Grey knows he was right, this is Founder’s Way, the main street that cuts across Redtown running north to south. You know exactly where you are in town, and that’s huge. All up and down the broad, cobbled street, copper and silvery colored skulls glow along the eve’s of the 3 and 4 story buildings. The buildings themselves are like shadowy giants lit up with the strange metallic halos of mystical light. More muted glows emanate through the seams of shuddered windows and doors, Outlining some in pale fiery lines. Strange symbols that glow neon blue, the sigils of abjuration spells, invisible from the mortal realm, but ablaze with power when seen from this side of things, are scribed upon some of the doors you see, or on the eves of the homes themselves. This world is a contrast of colorless vagary, and vibrant halos that seem to float in the grey mists.

Grey stops, that’s it he whispers, the gate out to Trade Way.

“That gate leads out of Redtown. Just on the other side this road runs into Trade Way. We go left on Trade Way, then about an eighth of a mile down, right before we hit Southtown, a narrow road will split off and lead us south up to the summit of the Sleeping Mountain. I’m sure of where we are, we can move more quickly now”

Something moves over near the gate, fading into a shadowy hedgerow of junipers across the street and to the left of the gate. Grey, and Grog, you two see it…man sized, that’s all you caught before it drew back out of sight. Then a muffled scream or shout from behind the wall directly to your right, from inside the very house you’re standing next to..what do you do?