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February 9, 2015 at 12:12 pm #1085

“Smart Grognak, very smart. My first reaction to our situation was to hurry back to the Manor and ask Void to help us make the transition back but that is not to be. As i realized, and as wise Stern has illuminated you to, that the uniqueness of our situation renders Void unable to assist us.
Yes, we could make it onto the grounds of Threnody. Yes, we could even make it to the great doors of the Manor, and Yes, Void would be able to see us and communicate with us But she would be unable to directly assist us and the mighty wards would prevent us from entering the Manor.
Void is the Spirit of Threnody, She holds ultimate sway over her domain and that domain is the Manor and only the Manor. She is unable to pass the threshold to the outside world.”

Grey pauses letting things sink in for a moment before snapping his head up, eyes blazing, squaring his shoulders. He speaks rapidly and excitedly, gesturing wildly into the distance and starting off as he speaks gesturing for everyone to follow.

“As uses my brothers with our powers combined we prevail even against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It was a good idea thinking of Void but that is one spirit that though she would rip the world asunder to help us she simply cannot. There is however a Great and wise Spirit that might help us, Fang Quiang, as Hrothgard has pointed out.
But as a cricket in a monsoon, we remain unheard by the great spirit due to distance, interference and simple unawareness. So it stands to reason that if we travel closer to his Focus, which exists in both worlds, the likely hood of him becoming aware of us and our plight increases!
So let us hustle my friends. I, for one, feel more positive in motion than in stillness.”