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February 9, 2015 at 9:43 am #1083

Grognak breaks his silence, any speaks quietly.

With all of the options available to us, I am not yet concerned. Magic is a tricky business, and not all things are forever. My old master used to travel many planes,an while there was a real danger of getting lost, if you knew where you were, there was always a way back, especially if you are no stranger to the arcane.

This brings me know to my real fear, as I mentioned, Knowing were you are is most important, Our real danger lies in losing each other! We can not allow ourselves to become separated in the mists! Anything can happen while we are finding the solution to our situation, and one panicked scattering of the group could have us lost to each other , and I am convinced that only together, with our combined skills, will we find that solution.

Stern has a strong idea with the watchmen.We should discuss our knowledge of those who might have the skills to find us from the other side.
Grey, What of Void? Does she have the ability to see us here on this plane?