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February 6, 2015 at 7:39 pm #1079

…A clearly subdued Grey pulls his battered hat from his head and runs one gauntleted hand through his short black hair taking a deep breath closing his eyes, replacing his hat snugly upon his head he pulls the brim low to hide his eyes before speaking;
“Brothers, Jamba speaks eloquently and to the point. We stand here adrift between worlds, in our favor is that we know where we are, relative to the material plane, we are in Fan Lu. Against us is that we have no direct means to communicate with the material plane, our abilities as mighty as they are cannot pass over the planes. In our favor is the very real fact that nowhere else in this world are these two planes as closely linked than here in Yun Shan where spirits and flesh interact with regularity, meaning that if there is a solution to our current plight we shall find it here if anywhere. Against us is that there are six of us and very little food, food we need to start rationing right now, guess it is a good thing we all ate our fill this morning before we teleported.
By necessity our time here is limited. Idea’s anyone? Search your minds your, souls even, for anything we can use to our advantage.”